Rental Procedures

STEP 1-Finding A Room:  Search our apartments and select the one that would best meet your needs.

STEP 2-Room Inquiry:  If you have decided on the room, please then enquire us about the room selection.1
Online Enquiry:  Fill out our online form and send it
With the online enquiry form, the guest can choose to send the inquiry with 3 different options:
1) Room Viewing:  After selecting the desired house and room, please select the desired viewing date and fill in the second desired date and time when you can view the house. general.

2) Room Reservation:After selecting the desired house and room, please select the reservation. Then select your check-in/check-in date from the calendar. If you have any questions, please fill out the form below.

※ Currently, we do not accept contracts for short-term stays of less than one month. Please note that the contract is for a minimum of one month. (Shirokane House, Mejiro House, Kamikurata House, Kiba House, and Sasazuka House apartment-type rooms require a minimum stay of two months or longer.)

3) General Room Enquiry:  If you have any questions about the bamboo house or rooms, please select “Other Inquiries” and fill in the form. general.
filling out the form, please choose one from the options .
See The Inquiry Form  ]

STEP 3-Getting The Room Confirmation:  Our staff will contact you shortly via email.When you select a room agree to our terms and conditions(you complete the payment of the deposit), the room confirmation is then placed.

  • Please check your spam folder if you don’t receive the reply.

Room Reservations/Inquiries

About General Room Inquiry:  .. Send Us A Room Inquiry Mail So We Can Assist You With Your Room Search And Arrange The Date For The Room Inspection In Tokyo For You All You Have To Do Is Fill Out The Inquiry Form And Send It
See The Inquiry Form  ]

About Room Reservation:  Booking a room at Bamboo House is easy.When searching for a room, if you see following availability status signs: “Available”, “Avlbl untill”, and “Avlbl from” on some rooms, it means that those rooms Our reservation system is operated on the First-come, first-served basis, if a room has a reservation confirmed, then the availability status sign would change to “Not Available” meaning the particular room is NO LONGER available to be reserved.1
) Available : The room IS available at the time you find it and WILL stay available indefinately.In other words, if you reserve the room, you CAN stay in it for as long as you wish; or till you decide to give us the 30 day notice to check out.
2) Avlbl from : The room is NOT available at present but WILL become available on certain date (eg “Available 12/9~” means that the room will become available on December 9th)
.3) Avlbl untill :The room IS available at the time you find it but WILL become “Not Available” on certain date (eg “Available ~9/12” means that the room is available till Spetember 12th). So you cannot reserve the room beyond that date, but anytime before it is okay.

How To Reserve A Room:  To reserve a room, the guest is required to pay the ¥ 30,000 deposit=]\ in advance through PayPal  or bank account transfer. ¥ 15,000 deposit is refundable on check out(Apartment type is the ¥ 30,000 deposit back ).We’ll deduct ¥ 15,000 for booking and management fee(Apartment type is the ¥ 20,000 booking and management fee).when check out.As soon as we receive the deposit, we will place a room reservation for you.
See The Inquiry Form  ]

IMPORTANT!:  If you arrive with the reservation confirmed, you DO need to commit to your reservation by our policy on the ¥ 30,000 deposit(Apartment type ¥ 50,000) ; if the guest had had the reservation CONFIRMED precursor and cancels it or did not show up for the room inspection in tokyo on the scheduled date, the deposit will not be returned.So please be careful with reservations.

How To Pay Reservation Deposit:  We accept the deposit the following.


1) PayPal through this web page
2) Cash
3) Bank Transfer
4) Credit card in our office, using Paypal.

Rental Requirements

Rental Requirements :Here are what you need to bring signing our rental contract.No Key Money or agent fee required, No Guarantor Required.
1) A Copy of Valid Passport
2) First Month’s Rent
3 ) Deposit ¥ 30,000(Apartment ¥ 50,000):  ¥ 15,000 refundable on check out.(Apartment ¥ 30,000)
* Fee of ¥ 15,000 (booking and management charges) deductable(Apartment ¥ 20,000 )

Tips:  One of the advantages that our rooms (both apartment and guest house) have over other Japanese apartments is that our rental system DOES NOT ask guests for the infamous key money & gift money known as “Shiki-kin” and “Rei-kin “here in Japan. Which, in some cases could add up to 4 month worth of rent money to be paid on the first month rent due (On top of the first month rent). Please relax, we require none of these fees.

How To Pay Rent:  We accept cash, Paypal and bank transferonly.
1) Cash
2) Deposit at any Post Office counter
3) Bank Transfer (fee
applies)4) Credit card paymant (fee applies)

Room Types

At Bamboo House we have 2 room types.
1) Guest House Unit
2) Apartment:  Both studio flat and 1 bedroom flat availbable

1) About Guest House Units : With a guest house unit, the kitchen, toilet, and bath/shower are shared with other tenants.This is one of the reasons why the rents on the guest house rooms are set much lower than regular Apartments. All of our guest house rooms are fully-furnished.We will require our guests to pay the utility fee of ¥ 15,000 a month for monthly rate.
See Our Guest House Units  ]

  • Fully-Furnished Rooms:  It depends of the room.For example, refrigerator, AC, bedding, TV, table & chairs, wifi, bed.
  • Utility Fees:  We will require our guests to pay the utility fee of 15,000 for monthly rate. Utilities are: the electricity, water, gas, internet connections.
  • Common Facilities:  The kitchen, toilet, bath/shower, and common dining space.There is house cleaning, in the common area, regularly.
  • Other Details:  No pets allowed.No smoking inside
    (the designated smoking sections available outside the houses).

2) About Apartments : For the apartments, we have both studio apartments and 1 bedroom apartments. Our apartments are all fully furnished. But unlike the guest house units, utility expenses are NOT included in the rent on apartments (except the apartment units at House Fujimi, Okubo 101, Nakaitabashi 401 and Sasazuka studio rooms). Just like regular apartments elsewhere, the rent is due each month.
See Our Apartments  ]

  • Fully-Furnished Apartments:  Standard features are the refrigerator, AC, bedding, TV, table & chairs, wifi and bed.
  • Kitchen & Bath/Shower & Toilet:  In every apartment unit.
  • Utility Fees:  Utility fees are NOT INCLUDED in the monthly rent; Fujimi Hotel is the exception.
  • Apartments:  Both Studio Flat And 1 Bedroom Flat Available.
  • Other Details:  No pets allowed.No smoking.

What To Expect After The Reservation/Enquiry Process

STEP 1-Meeting Up With You!:  Shortly after we receive your enquiries, you’ll be contacted by our staff via email.
1.1 You can ask questions to help you choose which house and room you want to rent.Our staff will answer any questions on: availability; rental price; “rent per month” ; dates; and check in and check out times; and any other questions.Once you know which room(s) you might want and when.
1.2 Room inspection Bamboo staff will arrange to meet you at the nearest train station or a convenient meeting place.Best time is between 10 am and 4 pm.

STEP 2-Room Inspection On The Spot:  After we find you at the station (or you find us), we will take you to the house and show you the unit.If there are other rooms that you are interested in, you can ask us to show you those rooms as well.

STEP 3-Check In:  When you have decided on the room, the remaining process is to sign our rental contract and check in.

Notes On Check In & Check Out

Check In:  Before signing our rental contract, all guests must pay the first month rent . and the deposit which is ¥ 30,000(Apartment ¥ 50,000). ¥ 15,000(Apartment ¥ 30,000) is returned if there were no damages to the premises at check out.¥ 15,000(Apartment ¥ 20,000) is a fee for booking and management which is paid to Bamboo House. Please let us know what time you’d like to check in. We take a picture of your passport.

    • Check-in/out time:9:00am-17:00pm

※ Check-in and check-out after 5pm or before 9am are not accepted. In that case, please check in and check out between 9:00 and 17:00 the next day.

Check Out:  All tenants have the following responsibilities for check out:

  • 1 month Notice by email.
  • Cleaning The Room: if the room was not cleaned, the deposit might not be returned in full.
  • Returning The Room Key
  • Do not leave your things in the room.
  • We lock up the door after check out

Moving to another room or residence

moving expenses:  A fee of ¥ 5,000 yen will be charged for the preparation of the new room and the moving expenses.※ You do not have to pay the contract fee again when moving.

Extra Guest

The room prices shown on the website are usually for single occupancy
Sharing A Unit With Friends: 
Depending on the room size, multiple guests (up to 3 people) can share a unit together with extra ¥ 15,000 per additional guest . Children under 6 years old are free of charge.

  • Monthly Rental:  extra charge is ¥ 15,000 per additional guest for both guest house room and apartments.