We’ll find you fun &
affordable home in Tokyo!


Bamboo House has been providing quality living in Japan since 1984. We have many fully-furnishedapartments in Tokyo &guest house rooms inTokyo andChiba .When we say “fully-furnished”, we mean FULLY-FURNISHED. The apartments are ready for those moving to Tokyo and for those just spending a week or two here! We welcome everyone, of all nationalities! Here are what you can expect from our rooms:

  • Fully Furnished Rooms
  • Short-Term & Long-Term Stay
  • No Key Money Required
  • No Guarantor Required

Guest house is “shared” housing, meaning some of the standard housing features such as the kitchen, shower, and toilet are shared with other tenants. The biggest advantage in choosing a guest house over regularapartment would be the affordability of it. rent is much cheaper than that of an apartment .Youalso get free internet access. And there is more to ourguest houseunits; some of our units have Extra Features that are unique to the specific rooms. Here are some of the examples