Q1 What is the deposit?
A ¥ 30,000 deposit is paid before we reserve the room. (Apartment Type ¥ 50,000 )
= ¥ 15,000 (booking and management charges) is deducted (Apartment Type ¥ 20,000 )
+ ¥ 15,000 deposit (Apartment Type ¥ 30,000 ) is normally refunded. If there is any damage to the premises on check out the costs are taken from this money.
See Rental Requirements ]

Q2 When is payment due?
Initially, at check in, you are required to pay the first month rent and the deposit (partially refundable). If your rental starts on or after 20th of a month, the next month rent is payable on check-in. Your rent must reach our account by the end of the month. The rent must be paid in advance. Partial month will be charged on pro-rata basis.

Q3 Do I have to pay the water, gas, electricity, and internet connection

We will require our guests to pay the utility fee of ¥ 15,000 for monthly. For apartments, in Kiba, Otsuka and Mejiro 2, the ¥ 15,000 utility fee is not charged; instead the utilites are metered and charged by the utilities companies.
See Room Types ]

Q4 What identification is required?
Your valid passport. We take a photo of it.

Q5 Do you have a curfew?
No, we don’t. You can come and go as you want. However, you must not disturb other residents.

Q6 Are meals included?
No, we don’t provide a meal service. There are convenience stores, supermarkets and restaurants near the guesthouse. Also there is a kitchen which you can use.

Q7 Can 3 people share a room?
Yes, but we will charge ¥ 15,000 for each additional person . The number of guests allowed can vary depending on the room sizes (For the large-sized rooms it’s 3 guests). Children between 3-6 years old are free.

Base rent + utilities (¥ 15,000) …………………for 1 person

Base rent + utilities (¥ 15,000) + ¥ 15 000 .. for 2 people

Base rent + utilities (¥ 15,000) + ¥ 30 000 ..for 3 people

Q8 We are thinking of sharing a room with 2 people. or My pairents are coming. Will an extra bed be provided?
Yes. We will bring in an extra folding bed or Futon set. Some fee applies. Please ask.

Q9 Can I use the internet?
Wifi is available free of charge.

Q10 When is the check-in/out time?
The check-in/out time is 10am – 4pm. Please let us know your check-in/out time.

Q11 What do I need to bring when I sign the rental contract?
1) Your vaild passport or Japanese Drivers lisence.
2) The first month rent.

Q12 What is the guest house?
With a guest house unit, the kitchen, toilet, and bath/shower are shared with other tenants. Our guest houses feature common dining spaces as well.

Q13 Is smoking allowed?
No it’s not. But certain houses have the designated smoking section OUTSIDE the house where you can smoke.

Q14 I am Japanese. Can I rent a room?
Yes, you can. At Bamboo House we believe in healthy cultural exchanges between people from different countries, cultures, and backgrounds.

Q15 Can I re-furnish my room on my expenses if I wanted to?
Yes. To a certain degree we should add. It’s okay if you are changing your curtains or bedding or table & chairs. But you CANNOT re-paint the wall or redo the floor for instance. Before you start re-furnishing your room, please let us know about your ideas.

Q16 Does your rental policy allow pets?
No pets allowed at Bamboo House.

Q17 Do you allow children to stay?
Yes we accommodate children over 3 years old.

Q18 Is it possible to move to another room in any of the Bamboo House managed houses?
Yes, ¥ 5 000 moving fee is payable.

Q19 How do you count the term?
Check out day: We charge the last day of your stay just like any other apartment contracts for monthly payment tenants. Example: one month term will be 1 Apr to 30 Apr check out. Not 1 Apr to 1 May check out. However check out time can be flexible like 10:30am to 4pm (9am to 4 pm in Nippori area) . It means no charge for the check out day just like a hotel however the rate is higher.

We use 30 to calculate a prorate (by the day) rent for less than a month period except Feb.

Q20 Do you supply towels and soap?
No, but the linen is supplied.

Q21 Can I use the deposit for a rent payment at the end?
No, the deposit must be kept till check out.

Q22 Can I play music?
No, please be careful about noise.No musical instruments or speakers allowed anytime.No late night (after 10pm to 8am) phone or skype conversation please.

Q23 Can you keep my luggage?
Yes, but conditions apply. Ask our managers please.

Q24 I want to rent one and a half months.Do I pay for full two month? or Stay 10 days, Do I pay for two week?
No. partial month or week will be charged on pro-rata basis.

Q25 My stay will be three weeks. How much is the rent?
We do not accept short-term stays of less than one month, so we will charge at least one month’s rent.

Q26 I have a family issue and go home asap.Can I get the deposit back?
Sorry but no. We must keep the contract agreement.With one-month notice, you’ll lose your deposit and the rent must be paid till your last day.

Q27 I like cooking.Can I use your kitchen?
Yes, please use the common kitchen in our share houses.However please note that since it’s a share style house, when you cook spicy food (ex. Curry, Kimchee etc) please be careful not to bother other tenants from other countries.The strong smell could cause problems.

Q28 What does “Maximum number Of Guests (fee applies for extra guests): 3” mean? 
It doesn’t mean that the rent is the same amount for 1, 2 or 3 guests.The rent on our website is for one.The second and the third will be charged each ¥ 1000/night or ¥ 15000 /month.

Q29 I want to extend my stay.How do you calculate the daily rate?
# Each day cost one thirtieth (1/30) of the monthly price.

Q30 Can I have TV sets? 
We no longer provide TV sets although they are on the room pictures.Because NHK tv station will come and charge you a fee every month and also our old TVs can’t receive the new digital frequency.

NHK TV tags man’s house  ]

Q31 I already set the check out date but can I extend my stay? 
Yes, but only if no one’s booked the room after you yet.

Q32 If I have to cancel the trip what happens to my deposit? 
It’ll be forfeited.However you may be able to change the schedule.

Q33 I`m going away for a month.Can you keep the same room (without paying rent) and use all the deposit again? 
Sorry, please check out and check in normal way or just keep renting the room while you are away.

Q34 I`ma booking agent, Can I sell your (Bamboo House) rooms? 
No thank you. we`ll deal with our tenants directly.

Q35 May I get a proof of accomodation reservation for my visa application? 
Yes, we can help you with that after the booking.

Q36 Can I use my own heater in the house? 
No. We provide air-con heaters.Please do not use any other heating equipment.