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Tokyo Apartments to Rent

Renting an apartment in Tokyo, Japan? Look no further.

More than 13 million people live in the enormous metropolis that is Tokyo, making it the largest city in the world. If you’re planning to live in Tokyo on a monthly basis, you should be aware of the city’s hectic pace and the centrality of work in the city’s social structure. Tokyo’s diversity and vastness allow a wide range of people to find a place to call home, with 23 districts to choose from.

Even by European standards, Tokyo apartments tend to be small and pricey. Due to high demand and a lack of available space within the city’s core, Tokyo apartments for rent are among the most costly in Asia. In order to accommodate the mega city’s inhabitants, developers opted to build properties up rather than out.

It is quite expensive to rent an apartment in Tokyo’s downtown areas, such as the neighbourhoods of Minato-ku or Shibuya-ku, because so many people work in downtown and want a quick and simple commute to work rather than taking an hour-long train ride every day. The Minato-ku area of Tokyo is a popular choice for expats and their families because of the abundance of international schools and residences constructed in a European style.

Because it has traditionally been the location of multiple European embassies, diplomats and their families have typically resided in apartments around Minato-ku, with areas such as Akaska, Roppongi, and Azabu Juban having many foreign schools and handy access to Tokyo’s central business district.

Furnished Apartments in Tokyo

The real estate market in Tokyo reflects the city’s status as a highly developed capital. As a result of the high concentration of international residents, many of the area’s rental apartments were constructed with their multinational occupants in mind. Japanese architecture, particularly in terms of room size, is far smaller than conventional European rooms and living spaces, despite the availability of more affordable, more localized property areas.

There are a plethora of furnished apartments and serviced apartments in Tokyo‘s many neighbourhoods that are ideal for foreigners. A few of Tokyo’s most sought-after neighbourhoods for furnished apartments are Hiroo, Azabu, Ebisu and Shirokane.

Tokyo rooms for rent

Share houses

A wide variety of property options, including rooms, share houses, and low-cost apartments in Tokyo
The cost of living in Tokyo is extremely high. The cost of living in Japan is quite high, with Tokyo being the most expensive city in the country. The capital’s size implies that pricing can vary greatly depending on where you are in relation to the city core. Renting a room or cheap apartment in Tokyo is a terrific method to save money and avoid living too far from the city’s center.

In Tokyo, Japan, renting a room in a shared apartment is cheaper than renting a full apartment on your own. It’s also a terrific method to meet other expats or residents of the city who work and live there. For introverted people moving to Tokyo who don’t know anyone, this is very vital. Shared apartments are a viable choice for those who don’t mind sharing amenities like a living room and kitchen.

The rent is divided equally amongst the residents of the property, and the amount you pay is determined by the size of your individual room. Each tenant is responsible for paying for their own electricity, water, and internet, which saves everyone money. Consider renting a cheap room or share apartment in Tokyo since it allows you to live in districts like Shirokane or Nakameguro for less money per month than it would cost to rent a whole apartment in these areas.

Student Accommodation in Tokyo Japan

Short Term Rental

Tokyo Housing for students

Studying in Tokyo may appear to be an expensive proposition. First-time visitors to the city may feel daunted by its size and the high cost of living.

Bamboo House offers monthly room fees that are inclusive of all utilities and monthly payments, so there are no surprises. A great method to meet other international or local students in the city is to live in a Tokyo share house or cheap apartment. It is important to develop a sense of community in a city as large as Tokyo by bringing together a large number of students in our tokyo apartment.

For students who desire a more self-sufficient living apartment. Bamboo House’s many property also offers student-friendly private residences in Tokyo. These apartments are prefect for those looking for a private room in Tokyo.

Is Tokyo’s rent affordable?

Your budget will have a considerable impact on the answer to this question. If you’re on a tight budget, don’t worry; Bamboo House offers a range of housing and apartment alternatives, including everything from shared housing to individual apartments.

What about other fees?

When first arriving in Tokyo is can be somewhat of a surprise to hear about so many different fees for apartments, as most foreign countries only require a deposit to get you moved in. In Japan however there are many property fees, below are some of the fees you may typically expect to see.

  • rent maintenance fee
  • maintenance fee deposit
  • fee deposit key money
  • key money room fee
  • How do I find a vacancy in JP?

    The easiest way is to search the listings on our website and search through all of the share house and apartment options there is no shortlist, so you can apply anytime. Your first thought should always be on your budget. Certain property locations may be appealing but make sure that you do not overcommit yourself.

    Things to think of when choosing a location

    When first considering the location of the accommodation or property, it is crucial to look at the closest nearby station and see what line it is running. A convenient line or station can really make a difference in the amount of money you spend long term when going to meet friends or travel to school or work.

    Typically, the further you have to walk to the station, the cheaper the apartment price should be. Anything beyond 15 minute walk and that is considered an inconvenient area for a rental. So you should be able to get a cheaper or special offer on the rent. Living in such properties can be another great way to save money when you first move to Japan.

    How do I go about applying for a Tokyo apartment?

    Anyone in Tokyo over the age of 18 can rent an apartment from Bamboo House. Documentation is needed before signing a leasing agreement, so make sure you have your passport or Zairyu card handy. If you are unsure about anything we are here to guide you through the process